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Aerial Cinema Productions, is proud to present a brand new concept in Motion Picture Aviation, Full Service Aerial Production. With experienced flight crews, professional production personnel, and top of the line equipment, ACP can handle all aspects of your projects aerial production needs from script to screen. ACP's Helicopter Pilots are veterans of projects ranging from Studio Feature Films to Commercial Campaigns, Music Videos, Documentaries, Industrials and Independent Films. Ray McCort  is a SAG pilot with expertise in flying Camera Ships and Picture Ships, with over 8,000 hours of flying time. Ray is skilled in both Aerial Safety and Stunt Coordination.  Additional Personnel available include: Aerial Unit Directors, Producers, Safety Personnel, Camera Assistants, Production Assistants, and FAA Mechanics.

Aerial Cinema Productions
is FAA Certified with an approved Motion Picture Movie Manual
allowing us to provide safe and legal filming at low altitudes.  Our all turbine helicopter fleet can support any number of camera system platforms, both gyro-stabilized and mechanical, in all configurations, including the SPACECAM SYSTEMŽ and WESCAM. A full range of options include the CONTINENTAL MAJOR MOUNT, TYLER NOSE and MIDDLE MOUNTS, all available with GYRO-ASSIST.   Additional services include, Story Ships, Location Scouts, Temporary Paint, Xenon Nightsun, and our customized Air to Ground Communication system - providing a direct link with standard Motorola FM Walkie's Patent Pending

Aerial Cinema Productions is committed to providing superior service not only on the east coast, but throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Our team of highly skilled professionals combine with state of the art equipment to produce the production values your project demands, at the price your budget dictates, safely and efficiently

And all it takes is one phone call.

Ray McCort
Aerial Cinema Productions, Inc.
(954) 861-0493

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