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April 1995
New York

Above the crowd in helicopters
When a recent Microsoft ad campaign needed aerials of New York City, director Tony Kaye called on Aerial Cinema Productions. The spot combined the talents of aerial coordinator - film pilot Ray McCort and aerial cinematographer Joshua Narins with a full range of aircraft, camera systems and crew.  

Aerial Cinema Productions handles all personnel, equipment rental, FAA clearances and permits, says McCort, who used a Bell Jet Ranger 206B helicopter for the Microsoft spot.  "In addition to being voted consecutively the safest single engine aircraft in the world," says McCort, "it debunks the myth that expensive twin engine helicopters are needed to service the New York area."

acpgang3.jpg (9191 bytes)Narins employed a Tyler Nose Mount to make low-level runs at Wall Street.  The Continental Magnum Mount (side mount) was added to gather golden-hour skylines and elegant night footage of the Empire State Building. "The Magnum Mount gives the cameraman total control over the balance of all camera axis, says Narins.  "It truly becomes an extension of you."

ACP credits include commercials for Brazil's telephone carrier Embra-Tel, the feature Now and Then (a.k.a. The Gaslight Addition- directed by Lesli Glatter, produced by Demi Moore) in Savannah, GA, and Blown Away, for which an on-screen performance earned McCort a Screen Actors Guild card.