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Huffington Post
The role of Helicopter pilots manning the modern day Drones. January 2016'

Miami Life Online Magazine
Aerial Cinema Productions Heads South
August 2016'

American Cinematographer
Bird's Eye View
August 00'

Markee Magazine
The friendly skies - Atlanta production of 'Road Trip'
August 00'

World Trade Center
The making of 'Minolta's Manhattan Magic', Sky Ride New York City,
August 99' - PRESS RELEASE

Film & Video Magazine
The View From Above Above
February 96'

Location Update 
Above The Crowd in Helicopters,
April 95'

millimeter Magazine
Making New York Skies Film making-Friendly,
June 95'

American Cinematographer
A new concept in Motion Picture Aviation,
June 95'

SHOOT Magazine
Buying the Brooklyn Bridge,
May 94'


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